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Sounds Like … Polar Skate Co.

Role: Motion graphics

„Pontus contacted me over the summer with the idea to turn Jamie Platt Pro during the world premiere of the film in London. Since becoming Pro is one of the biggest recognitions in a skater’s career it is not uncommon to throw a surprise party for the fresh Pro. The idea was to keep the whole team in the dark and surprise everyone onsite including Jamie. The reveal moment was during the film when Jamie wallies the stairs and in the background a classic red double-decker bus passes by. Perfect timing. Only that the bus advertising should say „Jamie Platt is now Pro for Polar Skate Co.“ Obvious enough that shot wasn’t preplanned, so the underlying footage was less than ideal to pull this off. But in the end this has had to be one of the nicest ways to turn someone Pro and for sure worth all the hours of tracking and readjusting.“

POLAR SKATE CO. – „Sounds Like You Guys Are Crushing It

Nick Boserio
Oskar Rozenberg
Aaron Herrington
Shin Sanbongi
Hjalte Halberg
Paul Grund
Roman Gonzalez
Ville Wester
Jamie Platt
Dane Brady
Emile Laurent
David Stenström
Nick Rios

Guest Skaters:
Kyle Wilson
Steve Alba
Julius Rohrberg
Jonas Skrøder

A Film composed by Pontus Alv

Filmed by Tor Ström

Main Filmers:
Ben Chadourne
Michael McCloud
James Cruickshank
Sirus F Gahan
Jon Colyer

Additional Filmers:
Nick Boserio
Dane Brady
Ryan Garshell
Nick Rios
Johnny Wilson
Ryan Lee
Orion Stefanidis
Will Miles
Mack Scharff
Hadrien Buhannic
Pontus Alv
Geoff Campbell
Love Ohlin
Connor Peterson
Paul Young
Waylon Bone

Special Thanks to Memory Screen

Motion Graphics by Fabian Fuchs

Sound mixing by Jean-Louis Huhta